Tell Your California State Senator: Vote No on AB-398!

The California Legislature could pass AB-398 soon. This bill would prolong cap-and-trade through 2030 and undermine the fight against extreme climate change. They don't seem to have all the votes that they need to pass it so we have to keep the pressure on our legislators if we want to block this pay-to-pollute scheme. It is likely to hit the Senate floor first.

Call your state senator and ask them to vote NO on Assembly Bill 398!  

What to Say

Your call can be brief. Just say:

"Hi, I'm (NAME) from (TOWN/CITY). I urge my senator to REJECT Assembly Bill 398 to protect the residents of California from the impacts of climate change" 

Want to say more? Try these handy talking points:

  • Cap-and-trade has done nothing to reduce emissions in the state of California. If we want to lead the country with serious climate solutions, we should instead require corporations to reduce at the source.
  • This bill blocks local jurisdictions from setting higher emission standards. We have to reduce emissions NOW. 

Make the Call

It's easy and only takes a minute. In order to connect you directly to your own state senator's office, please fill out all fields in this quick form. When you click "Call Me!" your phone will ring. Answer it!

You'll hear a short message from Food & Water Watch, then you'll be directed to your state senator based on the address you provided above.