ELECTION UPDATE: Prop 37 lost by a small margin, but the movement to label GE foods is stronger than ever and we will continue to build a robust national grassroots campaign to push for mandatory labeling across the country. See our media statement for more information.


Watch Our Prop 37 Ads:

Grocery Costs - Compilation with Marisa Tomei



I'm A Mom




Grocery Costs - Compilation


Grocery Costs - Featuring James Franco


Grocery Costs with Marisa Tomei




Right to Know (TV)


Right to Know (full length)


Bill Maher on Prop 37



Signs: Kids are Not Lab Rats


I Am Not a Lab Rat


I'm a Mom (version 2)



About California Prop 37

In November, Californians will vote on Prop 37 requiring that GE foods be labeled. Unfortunately, major corporations are pouring millions of dollars into this election in order to confuse voters and protect their bottom line. Pesticide companies like Monsanto and processed food companies like General Mills have spent more than $35 million to spread misinformation to defeat Prop 37. We'll never be able to match their campaign coffers, but with your help, we can raise enough money to get a version of this video on television. Help us air these videos today!