OFF Fossil Fuels Campaign

Privacy Policy 

Webpages associated with the OFF Fossil Fuels campaign are a hub for organizing and deploying Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action Fund volunteers. We do that using a variety of digital tools, such as tools for sending emails, scheduling events and allowing volunteers to communicate with one another. Each of these tools has its own privacy rules, determined by the individual vendors, and different from the rules here on these campaign webpages. Where possible, you can see those other rules by reviewing the respective privacy statements of the various service providers (for example, when you use a communications service, or one of the scheduling tools). Some of the tools may use tracking devices, or otherwise automatically collect information about you. Some will disclose information about you to companies involved in the operation of the platform, or to other volunteers.

Any information you actively provide to this site, for example by typing in your own name, address or phone number, will be shared in at least some of those ways. That information will also be shared with the main database used by Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action Fund and its affiliates.

To review, change or withdraw any information you have actively shared with Off Fossil Fuels, please contact

To review, change or withdraw any copies of that information that have been shared with the Food & Water Watch or Food & Water Action Fund, you have the following options:

• Click on the link in the footer of any email you receive from Food & Water Action Fund and use our preference center
• Send e-mail to:

Terms of Service 

We do not endorse or condone illegal behavior. Do not use these tools to endorse or oppose any candidate for public office.

Please review the full privacy policy for Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action Fund