Don't Frack California - Bus from Fresno & Merced to Sacramento
Fresno and Merced

Bus to Sacramento!

Bus from the Bay Area to Sacramento for Governor Brown's State of the State Address (1/22/14)

We're less than 24 hours away and online registration is closed. Seats may still be available: please contact Gary Lasky at or 559-790-3495.

Are you ready to join the largest mobilization against fracking the Golden State has ever seen?

On March 15, Californians Against Fracking along with our friends and allies from across the state will come together in Sacramento for Don't Frack California — a rally and march to tell Governor Brown to Stop Fracking Now!

Buses will be leaving from across the state. We'll take you round trip to the Capitol in Sacramento to join thousands of other Californians demanding an end to fracking. Get your free ticket below on the Don't Frack California bus leaving from Fresno and Merced.

Bus Pick Up Time & Location

  • 8:30 a.m. — Fresno, Southwest corner of Shields & Cedar Ave
  • 8:45 a.m. — Fresno, Costco Parking Lot 4500 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA
  • 9:40 a.m. — Merced, Costco Parking Lot 1445 R St. (meet in lot off of 15th St., please park in last two rows on the north side by shrubs)

The bus will return to the pick-up locations by 8:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices & Sponsorship

Learn more about fracking

Fracking and other unconventional methods of extracting oil and natural gas come with intensive drilling and mining, massive amounts of toxic waste, air pollution and pervasive infrastructure that threatens our essential food and water resources.

To frack a well, operators mix millions of gallons of water with tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals, including some known to cause cancer, and then pump it all into the earth at extreme pressure to try to break up rock formations so oil and natural gas might flow.

Drilling and fracking:

  • require millions of gallons of water for each well, competing with farmers for local water supplies.
  • produce massive amounts of toxic and even radioactive waste with no good disposal options.
  • contaminate sources of drinking water as a result of disposal problems and the thousands of leaks and spills every year.
  • can lead houses and water wells to explode, due to contamination from methane and other harmful gases.
  • bring untold costs to local communities, from declines in agriculture, real estate and tourism to road damage, public health problems and increased demand for social services.
You can find more information in our reports and fact sheets on our site:

Time: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM

We're sorry, the deadline for registering for this event has passed.